I am an artist and designer based in the Pacific Northwest. Projects for organizations include: The Nature Conservancy, ECONorthwest, the Washington Association of Conservation Districts, the Washington State Conservavation Commission and the Tri-State Steelheaders.

HTML, CSS, Javascript
Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign
Processing, P5.js, Leaflet
After Effects, Premiere

Logo Redesign: Walla Walla County Conservation District

A brand identity redesign project for the Walla Walla County Conservation District. Logo and web redesigned.

Exhibition Catalog

Publication documenting the 2018 Whitman Thesis Exhibition: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. Design, photography, layout by Eric Rannestad and Zoe Guckenheimer. Financial assistance by Whitman Faculty. Photography contributions from Kerr Cirrilo and Anna Dawson. Logistical contributions by Mercer Hannau. Printed May 2018.

Eric Portrait
Eric Portrait
Eric Portrait
Eric Portrait

Walla Walla County Conservation District

A series of design and outreach material, including: booklet about the new Voluntary Stewardship Program in Washington State, project summarys, and infographics for the 2019 annual report.

The Nature Conservancy

Collection of marketing and outreach material for The Nature Conservancy's Precision Restoration Project. The suite includes an infographic that tells the larger story of Precision Restoration, a still and animated GIF that depicts how one of the seed treatments work, and an animated fire map that was built in ArcGIS. I worked with staff at the economic consulting firm ECONorthwest to researched write a market analysis and feasibility report for the Oregon Nature Conservancy. Market problems, trends, and supply chain of native seed are addressed. The document continues to serve as a technical appendix for the The Nature Conservancy as they bring Precision Restoration Technologies to a larger production scale.

For Your Ideas

For Your Ideas was a project of 33 hand-bound journals. Each journal was sold for $5 at the Colville Street Patisserie over the period of two summer months in 2016. The journals were digitally printed and hand bound in a variety of ways and accompanied by a pile of screenprinted business cards. Each type of journal was designed around a nurse log theme. A nurse log is a decaying fallen log or stump that helps provide nutrients, shade, and other helpful ecological factors to plants and animals that have started to grow or live there. It was my hope that, like a nurse log, these journals provide nutrients, shelter, and a surface for its owner's ideas to grow.


Geothermal was a collaborative installation between Mercer Hanau and Eric Rannestad that resided in the bottom floor of the Fouts at Whitman College. Digital work was completed with Madmapper, After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop. Accompanied and creative direction inspired by the paper Geothermal Along the US Pacific Coast. The installation was on display in December 2016 as part of Justin Lincoln's New Genres Course.

Geothermal Identity

Experimental logo and poster designs created for the 2017 Geothermal project. Used in printed and digital formats.

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